Snow Crab Feast @ Kuishinbo Dinner Buffet

Roughly a month ago, I had a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE craving for Snow Crab Legs and was googling high and low for good Snow Crab Legs in Singapore. I'm not sure about the majority of you, but when it comes to Snow Crab Legs, I prefer mine to be sweet and not salty. So L and I spent roughly 2-3 days googling on places to have our Crab buffet before deciding on Kuishinbo

Some (lots) selfies before heading out :) 

After googling on the various places where Kuishinbo exists (lol), we decided on the Great World City outlet as there's free cheese baby lobster during the dinner hours and the crowd there is almost non-existent :D

We had A LOT A LOT of snow crabs that day, and I mean it. We took roughly 3 plates full of snow crab legs? Then again, I've to be 100% honest... the snow crabs there were not that sweet.. most of them were rather salty ):


This was our round .... 2-3? We had a 5 rounds worth of food that day. I feel like a sumo wrestler that day!! Nomming for 3hours straight? :) 

The complimentary cheese baby lobster :) Not that bad? It tasted kinda fishy thou.

Yummy yummy Scallops Ginseng Porridge with hand peeled snow crab leg meat :) Feels so blessed to having such good food that day!!! 

The dessserts tray which bought a lot of laughter to L and I that day X) 
And the chocolate fondue fruits / marshmallow which I had almost 30 sticks of? Yums XP

The total cost of our meal there cost around $40-50+ per pax, it's a pretty good deal if you're a big eater like me! Some buffet tips - have tea instead of soft drinks. If possible, skip the rice and noodles and whatever's thats starchy. Go for the more expensive food and remember to take your time :)
  1. Kuishin-Bo Dining

    Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
    Phone:6836 5877

Some photos taken after dinner :) 

Feeling so fat like a sumo wrestler... ROAR!!!

We headed over to ECP afterwards and that's about it for that day! :)

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