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The other day, I was out with my bff to get my monthly refill of vitamins. However, as most of you guys know, vitamins are actually pretty costly... One centrum can cost up to $80-$100+ and who the heck really carries so much cash anyway? There are many out there who prefer to pay with credit cards, nets etc. but for me, I prefer to use cash instead. Why? Because paying by cash allows me to note down my daily expenses easily. Not only that, I need not worry about overspending (I won't be excessively swiping my card haha).
However, there are definitely days when I tend to forget to bring out enough cash, just like the other day. To make matters worse, the queue at the ATM was horrendous and I didn’t want to spend so much of my time queueing just to withdraw some cash.

That's when I remembered, " HEY! I've downloaded this App called Dash the day before". So I took out my phone and gave it a try!!

A little insight into the Dash App...

A little insight of the Dash app...

What is Dash?

I’m sure you have seen posters on this new app on the MRT trains recently! But if you haven’t... Dash is essentially an innovative mobile money service created by SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank. Yes, the Telco is finally linking hands with the financial industry.

Dash allows you to send cash to friends, spend at shops and taxis, all on your mobile phone! The savings account also lets you save at higher interest rates up to 1%. It’s like your own personal bank account and ATM, but portable and so much more convenient!
Personally, I think that this is the beginning of more to come in the future, the future of technology. When Dash gets more popular and more retail shops and businesses accept this form of payment, it will definitely revolutionise the way we pay for the things we buy or the services we engage. The idea is to make money easily accessible without the need for an ATM.

Currently Dash partners includes:
ComfortDelgro Taxi
KOI cafe
Pizza Hut
Prime Taxi
Singtel Shop
Topshop Topmen
Dorothy Perkins
Ben Sherman
and more...

With Dash, we can pay for utility or credit card bills on the go. It is fuss free to use because you can transfer money from your savings account for instant use.

Do you know what's the most exciting part about this? When you sign up for an account here: http://bit.ly/1m1icF2 , you will get a complimentary $10 in your Dash mCash that you can use right away!

The best thing about this is definitely the convenience when it comes to signing up. You don't even need to go down to the bank or mail in any documents. Everything can be done on the App itself, including uploading of your NRIC. For more information, you can visit www.dash.com.sg.

How convenient lor! 

Here's a guide on how you can have Dash for yourself! First, go to your Apple App Store/Android Play Store.

Search up on DASH SINGAPORE, register and tadah! You'll get your $10 instantly

Don’t forget to download Dash and share why Your Wardrobe #needsanupdate to join in the fun!!!

For more information on Dash, you can log on to:

YouTube: DashSingapore


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