The pig and I had a craving for waffles one day and we spent the entire night before, to google on the different places to have the best waffles possible in Singapore. One of our options was Creamier but since the pig has tried that out before, we decided to head out to some place new instead! :) 

Mandatory selfies as I was feeling good that day! yay to looking good and feeling good!!!


My ringa ringalings that day :) 

We decided on WOODSHED Cafe after chancing upon several good reviews of the place ;) 

Address: 204 Rangoon Road
Phone: 93801280
Hours: Daily - 11:00-22:00

There's free wifi for you too :) 

We tried out their Tea, Rainbow cake and Waffles that day!

I had the Earl Grey Tea for myself, it was GOOODD :) I LOVE EARLY GREY!!! 
The rainbow cake, on the other hand was rather disappointing. The cake layers were rather hard and the cream cheese was rather meh. From what I've heard, the cakes are actually made elsewhere and is not a production of the Woodshed Cafe, soo... I guess it's not their fault that the cakes tastes bad?

More photos of me and the things we had :) 

The waffles on the other hand, was pretty good :) We skipped the chocolate drip as the pig didn't want to have something too sinful that day.

All in all & frankly speaking, though the food wasn't as good as we thought it would be (after spending so much time planning the night before). I was really really happy to be doing this (planning, LOL. Planning on where to eat and where to go etc) together with someone I'm with :) In overall, the food tasted a WHOLE lot better in general because of this X)

To those who're dating, in a relationship or married (lol) etc... I hope that instead of taking turns on deciding on where to go, what to eat all day, everyday (or pushing all the decisions for the other party to make etc). Try to make plans and decide on it together!! It's much more fun and it's a really nice feeling to have when you know that your other half is actually putting in time and effort to spend quality time with you :)

Headed for some grocery shopping and mahjong (T_T) after this :)

Thank you all for reading! Love you ;)

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