A Day By The Beach with my Samsung GALAXY K Zoom

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Went to the beach with le bff and lotion recently with my latest phone, the Samsung GALAXY K Zoom LTE!!! 

One of things I really like about this phone is the fact that it's also a camera!!! Meaning, it'll always be on my hands and I'll never miss a special moment when I'm out :) 
The Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE includes special features such as the 20.7MP BSI CMOS Sensor, Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS), 10X Optical Zoom (Pinch & Quick Zoom), Selfie Alarm with Beauty Face, AF/ AE Separation (Auto Focus/ Auto Exposure), Pro Suggest + Pro Suggest Market and also 28 Smart Modes!!!

I'll go through some of these amazing features in this post, so let's go :)

FIRST UP. I REALLY LOVE the Selfie Alarm with Beauty Face mode auto-on as it uses the powerful 20.7MP back camera for selfies. Just adjust the focus box on the screen to set where you want to appear, then turn it around and wait for the beep. It even gives you three shots to choose from! At the same time, it'll also make you face look flawless!!!

Tried out it's front camera and it's really really good too :) 

When we finally reached the beach, I decided to test out the other functions available on the Samsung  GALAXY K zoom LTE!!! Tried out the Pro Suggest feature for the pic below and I was blown away by the colour and definition of the picture!!! Apparently Pro Suggest analyses your world through the lens. From detecting gender to light and colour, Pro Suggest detects your scene aspects and gives you 5 optimised setting suggestions for timeless photos. AMAZING RIGHT!!!!

Even with lotion and le bff walking in front of me, I was still able to capture them clearly with the GALAXY K zoom LTE’s Object Tracking feature!! It helps with capturing your most adorable subjects as they move.

As I'm looking at these pictures, it literally feels like I'm at the beach right now ... 

Selfie time :) 

Some pictures were rather blur but I'm still trying to get a hang on my latest toy :) Will be doing another blog post on it soon! Hehh 

And that marks the end of my trip to the beach with my Samsung GALAXY K Zoom :) 

If you're interested in finding out more information on this amazing gadget!!! Do check out http://sg.campaign.samsung.com/galaxykzoom/  :) 

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