Ambush x Transformers

Met up with L for a dinner and transformers some time back!!!

BEAR with me as I flood you with my endless selfies x) 

I'm really loving this chinese collar top :3

We decided on Ambush as both L and I had a craving for clams that day :) 

With my favourite pot of white wine clams :) 

My eyes look kinda cock in this photo hahahaha

" Want to give it a try? Come let me feed you!!! " 

The white wine clams is definitely one of the best I've had... The pasta at ambush on the other hand is rather... meh

Caught transformers afterwards. It was a pretty good movie!!! Though It's kinda annoying how all of the original cast is switched :\

Took a couple of photos before we headed to some reservoir at the north that day :)

Man ...i look so ugly..): 

And that's about it :)

1 comment:

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