JB :)

Headed to JB sometime back with L for a seafood feast. It was a rather impromtu plan but heck, I LOVE IMPROMTU plans HAHAHA. I remember contemplating nonstop on whether I should drive in or take a bus into JB.  In the end, we decided on taking a bus/cab in after several heated discussions LOL. 

I look like shit that day, but who cares. I'M NOT IN SINGAPORE :)

While we were chilling outside one of the shopping malls at JB! L bought auntie anns, but I didn't manage to give it a try... neither did I managed to snatch a piece of his sour onion and cream pretzel as he finished it within a few bites. UGHHGHGHGHHGH 
Kua simi lan. HAHAHAHA. I really like the pic below X) 

Our surroundings.

My hair's a ratchet mess ): 

We took a cab over to my usual seafood dining place afterwards. 

The sky was sooo beautiful that day *_*

We ordered quite a lot of food that day!!! Luckily, we managed to finish it all !!! hohoho
Thank you for the treat. x 

After loitering around JB for a while, we decided on having our massage done at Bangkok Spa :) This is probably the only place I've been to which provides really good massage without all the additional sleezy and shady services :) 
This massage place even provides free rides back to the customs, which is really good imo (we get to save on the cab fares heh). Afterwards, we parted ways when we were back in Singapore 

Had a really great time at JB that day :) Thank you L. 

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