Mustafa Plaza Yet Again!!!! :)

PART 2!!!

So as mentioned in the previous post, I went to my parent's place after celebrating eleanor's birthday before meeting L. I got a little bored while I was waiting for L to prepare so I decided to take a couple of " OOTD " shots to kill time LOL. Thus explains the need for me to cut the post into 2, TOO MUCH INFLUX OF PHOTOS!!!

And then I start to act silly....

Act one supermodel pose HAHAHA. But really, I was just wiping my sweat and the timer went off X)

Some in-car selfie :) 

AND POOF, I'm beside mummy-san now :) She needs to learn about her good facial angles yo. LOL 

AND POOF AGAIN!!! Here I am at Mustafa Plaza :) 

Told L to go trigger happy with my camera and these were the results (I was trying to button up my top lol)

I look like I was gonna steal something .... LOL 

Posing with L's honey pops cereal. HAHAHA

The rest are just smiley smiley photos we took that day. Memories :) 


I started being silly and took photos with some indian spice there... 

After shopping, we were pretty hungry and started looking for places to have our supper! We settled with this Hongkong dimsum place.... or so we thought....

But we sneaked off afterwards HAHAHAHA as L had a craving for Wanton Noodles instead. So off we go !!! WANTON :D 

And that pretty much summed up my day :) Hope you enjoyed it!