Photoshoot BTS x Saizeriya

Today's post will be mainly covering the behind-the-scenes events of my photoshoot with the BFF :) 

One of the rare few days where I'm really confident of how I look and I must tell you... it's a REALLY REALLY rare day :D So I'm really happy with how all my photos turn out. I look goooooood!! Right? Hahhaaha 

Okay enough talk, here are the photos :)

It's basically a day to take loads and loads of selfies. I think I took roughly... 400 photos that day? The official shoot photos included la! hahaha 

Interior of Clickz Studios

She loves her nostrils so much. Look at her flaunt it X) THIS PHOTO IS TAKEN BY HER, NOT ME.

And we're done!!! Thank you Clickz Studio for the invitation :)

Being the hungry pigs we were, we drove immediately to Bukit Timah Plaza to have our dinner at Saizeriya!!! I'm sure I've mentioned numerous times in my posts last year that I LOVEEE Saizeriya! Cheap, affordable and yummy food all in one :)

Lots of candid pics up ahead! Enjoy. AHAHHAA


And it's my bff's turn! :) 

The food we had on top of the butter corn :) The total bill only amounted to $20+? TOO CHEAP. 

More candid photos :)

And the rest are just selfies taken as we were chilling outside the mall before I sent her home that night :3

After sending le bff home, I had a couple of hours left before picking up my parents! Decided to meet L for a prata supper session!!! 

Dined at this place called Uncle/Daddy/Father Prata , I forgot what's the place called but it's located near Upper Thomson road (I think). 

Had tissue prata for myself :) It's my first time having this!!! IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOOOD :)

L's boring egg prata. 

We only had 15mins to finish the prata as the store was closing by the time we arrived. It was kinda stressful dining there as the boss was staring at us for a long long time... waiting for us to finish our prata T_T 

Drove L home and went to pick up my parents afterwards :) 

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