Photoshootin @ Clickz Studio

I had a mini photoshoot session with le bff some time back at the newly-opened Clickz Studio, which provides studio setting to take self portraits. 

Clickz studio invited me to try out their services around the month of April/May but as I was really busy with my schedule then, everything got pushed back to the month of June! At Clickz Studio, you can book the studio, choose the props you need, pose in front of the camera, press the remote control button that they provide you with, and you can take home all the soft copy of the photos in one DVD which is free! 

Here are the photos taken with the bff that day :)  Enjoy!

Le bff appeared!!! She was late that day due to a traffic jam ):

<3 you bff

She went all craycray all of a sudden LOL. 

Looking crazy just for the bff LOL!

I had a really fun time with my bff! Thank you Clickz Studio :) 

Clickz Studio

Address: 14 Scotts Road #05-05 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

Phone: 67371505


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