The Fault In Our Stars x Swensons x Mellben Signature

It's been a while since I've last went out in the afternoon and I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to do so cause L was driving that day! WAHAHAHAH X) 

The sunlight during the afternoon is definitely better than the one during the evening. Though it's kinda making my face look really yellowish x)


Our first stop was at AMK Hub's Swensons. I had like, $200 worth of vouchers to be used so we dined there LOL. 

L took a couple of photos here for me. As you can see, he's a noob cause you can obviously see his thumb on the top right hand side HAHAHA 

LOVE FOOD   :)))) 

The new crab meat baked rice was rather .... meh? But well, at least I'm having a proper dose of food back then hahaha 

Caught the fault in our stars afterwards

IT WAS PRETTY GOOD. I cried during one of the scenes where Hazel patches things up with her parents before leaving... that scene reminded me of my aunt who left us when I was 15 ):

Another scene which I almost cried was the pre-funeral speech. WHERE GOT PEOPLE PREPARE SUCH A SPEECH SO EARLY IN ADVANCE ONE T_T So freaking touching ...

We went to Mellben Signature afterwards to satisfy my craving for crab beehoon!
The crab bee hoon here didn't taste as good as the one at AMK. Pretty sub standard and totally not worth the price as the whole thing tastes pretty fishy. BADDDD. I'm not recommending this place so if you're having a craving for the best crab bee hoon in singapore, please stick to the mellben outlet at AMK.

We went to the arcade afterwards to kill time :) It was L's first time in the arcade after a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME. Initially he was pretty reluctant to join me but I guess I'm pretty persuasive and convincing? HAHAHAHAHA okay I'm just kidding, he's just being super nice :)