Things you should expect to be treated in a relationship

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Don’t expect to be treated like a princess, king or queen. What does that even mean? Do you want someone to obsessively dote on you and serve you breakfast in bed, or do you just want to have, like, a good partner? Give as much as you take. Don’t expect someone to give you foot massages every day while you just sit back and get worshipped. Both parties need to feel wanted and cared for.

Expect to be told the truth. Why be with someone if you have to walk on eggshells with them? Be direct, be honest. If they’re being an asshole, tell them. If they’re being THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER, tell them that too. (Just don’t tell Facebook.)

Call them out on their ridiculousness because it shows that you know them so well. Most times, people WANT to be called out on their BS. They’re just pushing, pushing, pushing, until you’re willing to push back. They like it when you do. It means they’re paying attention.

Expect for them to treat you with respect, to be patient with you, to understand that if you’re being short with them, it’s probably just because you’re having a bad day and has nothing to do with them. That’s the thing: They have to know that it’s not always about them. There are other things happening in your life that don’t revolve around the relationship and that’s okay. It’s not an insult.

Expect trust. Without trust, you have nothing. Your partner should trust you completely until you give them a reason otherwise. If they don’t trust you, if they’re already paranoid in the beginning and try to control you, the relationship is doomed. Because it’s not about you. IT’S NEVER ABOUT YOU. You could be the best significant other ever and it wouldn’t matter because you’re with someone who’s violently insecure and will always find something wrong with you.

Expect to be made to feel good about yourself, especially when you’re naked and vulnerable. Sex should be a “NO JUDGMENT” zone.

Expect differences of opinion, expect fights, expect it to not always feel right, expect to feel a little bit bored sometimes, expect to feel a little overwhelmed the other times, expect to question things, expect to flirt with other people because it reminds you that you’re still wanted by other people who are not your partner, expect to be with someone who loves you as is and doesn’t want to change you. 

THIS IS A BIG ONE. It seems like so many people get into relationships just to transform someone into another person. Why do we do this? Don’t date a fixer-upper. What’s the point?

Expect to be taught new things. Expect to have your mind blown. Expect to want to be a better person. Expect your partner to be faithful, unless you’ve clearly discussed otherwise. Expect to be emotionally supported. DON’T expect to be financially supported. Expect passion. Expect love. Expect anger. Never expect indifference. Expect them to hate you when its over. Feel relieved if it’s ever not the case

Exploring the wonders of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

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Hello guys :D I'm here to talk about my Samsung Galaxy K Zoom again!!!
I'm sure you guys have read about it's amazing features on my previous post here . If you're already feeling amazed by the features of the K Zoom. I'm here to wow you once again! 

Let's just talk about the ergonomically aspects of the camera. It is not only light but it also dons a slim and comfortable grip!!! 

Another feature which I did not mention during my previous post is the 10X Optical Zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer!!!

For such a slim camera, it actually holds really powerful optics as it holds a new retracting lens technology which makes the 10X optical zoom powerful yet remarkably slim! It not only gives us the sharpness of real optics in a chic body, but it's also easy to use with a Pinch Zoom function and One-touch Quick Zoom! What makes it an all rounder is the Optical Image Stabilizer... so for those with shaky hands, FRET not cause the Optical Image Stabilizer will make sure that you image remains crisp and clear!!!

Okay, enough words, I shall let the pictures do the talking instead...

The other day I was trying out the 10X Optical Zoom and what I did was to try and get a good shot of the playground which is 10+ levels away from me! This is how the playground looks like WITHOUT being zoomed!!!

And this it looks like after zooming in!! The colours and quality of the pictures are still 100% clear and I can even spot a little kid at the playground!!! AMAZING RIGHT!!! There's 0 blurness in the photo even though I was kinda shaking a little while taking that photo x) 

Amazing right!!!

And then there's a day when I went out with a group of friends (I'll be blogging about that another time), I tried out the Pro Suggest market and the different 28 Smart Modes available on the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE! 

Basically the Pro Suggest Mode is a feature in which the camera detects the picture's surrounding and gives you an array of settings to choose from. It can range from low light mode, night shots, fireworks and more!!! 

Tried out the Gorgeous Night setting and it immediately illuminated the surroundings, making it seemingly clear... LIKE YOU'RE AT THE EXACT SAME PLACE AS I WAS!!!

And then there's the smart modes, which is something made easy for us noob photographers to use hahaha. We need not set the aperture, and stuff so everything is made easy for us with these smart modes.

And not forgetting to mention that there are actually 28 different smart modes for you to choose from! The Selfie Alarm, Panorama, Food, Macro, etc...You can even set some of them as your favourites by managing your modes!

And the last feature that I really really love is the AF/AE Separation (Auto Focus/ Auto Exposure) function. With this function, I'm actually able to set where I would like to focus the picture on and also the exposed area of the picture! In this way, I’m able to control the tricky backlit scenes. A quick touch is all I need and it helps to set my focus zone while another sets the exposure.

Notice the 2 boxes, focus and exposure? I'm able to make the photo's background seemingly brighter by just tapping and dragging the Exposure box to increase the exposure of the photo!!!

And if I'm trying to take a silhouette shot, the AF/AE separation makes it ALL SO EASY! Now, we're set to shoot a picture with precise balance of light and clarity!!
All in all, I really think that the Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE is a really great camera smartphone!!! 

I'm definitely going to bring it with me during my next overseas trip in September! Saves me the hassle of bringing along my big ass DSLR :) Not only that, I'm also able to remain contactable anytime, 

If you're interested, you can easily purchase Samsung GALAXY K zoom LTE for a price of $798 (without contract). Colour availability– shimmery WHITE, charcoal anywhere as don't forget! It's also a phone!!! 

BLACK, electric BLUE.

 "Capture the moment. 10x Zoom, Always at hand."