Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria Yet Again!

Hello guys :D

Since today's a holiday and I'm actually feeling a little bored (cause I refuse to meetup with any of my friends lol). I thought it would be good for me to update this space again :D

I realize something really weird about me recently...

When I'm updating my blog actively, I'll disappear from my instagram and when I'm active on my instagram, I'll start being lazy when it comes to blogging! HOW CAN I DO THIS! Why can't I be active on both places! You guys need to give me a big big slap to wake me up HAHAHA

But frankly speaking, being active on instagram is definitely much easier in a lot of different ways. For one, all you need to do is think of a caption and bam! You're done. When it comes to blogging, it'll take up much more time and as for me? It'll normally take up an hour or so ): guess I'm kinda slow huh .. hahaha

Anyway, I'm gonna be enlisting next week!!! Exactly 8 more days and I'll be BALD! Are you guys looking forward to seeing me bald? or what they call " Botak " in Singapore hahahaha . I'm kinda worried that I'll be depressed if I'm overly ugly when I'm bald so.... wish me luck pleaseee! HAHAH

OKAY, now enough of the nonsense, let's move on with today's post!

Met up with Jerry the other day for dinner at my fav italian restaurant :D 

Some selfies before heading out!

In case you're wondering where we had dinner at, it's at Capri Ttratoria! I blogged about their amazing service and food the other time so if you're interested to know more, (click here to read)!!!

Had my yummy seafood parchment pasta again :p 

Jerry had the Crabmeat Linguine. It was noooott that bad... but imo, the crabmeat linguine (aka al granchio) at Lacantina is WAYYYY better! 

Got my ripped jeans out that day! Coincidentally, jerry wore the exact same thing out that day HAHAHA!

After dinner, we left to pick up kc and had some desserts at my parent's workplace before heading off to Newton Hawker Centre for KC's Oyster Omelette craving!

Mandatory wefie. I HATE HOW THE COLOUR OF MY HAIR THAT DAY. Especially when it's being reflected in this weird yellowish green colour in this post.... ugh. 

The food we had weren't worth the mention as the chilli sauce for the seafood was too icky and sticky for my liking. Nonetheless, the company makes up for the bad food we had that day :D 

We headed over to Mustafa Plaza to get some snacks and random stuff afterwards :D Spent a total of 3hours there as... kc was being an indecisive bitch that day (he took an hour deciding on which hairdryer he should get).  However, I had a whole lot of laughs and fun that day! 

Enjoy the rest of the photos! :)

This yogurt brand caught our attention.. . VISHNU YOGURT! HAHAHA 

and that's all :D Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi! It's my first time reading your blog here :) it's so cute ^m^ i like your blog :D don't really find sth wrong in your hair color though, they're lovely 「:;(∩´﹏`∩);:」have a nice day :3 God bless you (^^♪