Counting down to my 21st

As I'm counting down to my 21st Birthday... I start reflecting on several different aspects of my life.

2014 has been a really really crazy roller coaster ride. Though there were lots of crazy and depressing moments, I would prefer to look at the positive aspects and remember how magical it was.

For the year of 2014, I've travelled to many different countries and learnt many different things. One of the more memorable things I've done is traveling to a foreign country alone, navigating alone with fears of getting lost while making new friends there. Another would be the chance to travel overseas with the person I love, and there's many many more to be listed down but I'll just skip this chatter and continue on with this blog post.

Throughout 2014, I've to be frank and say... I've CHANGED a lot. Like really, a lot. I've became more outspoken and expressive, and there's many many more! My mentality has changed in a whole lot of different aspects and I've started viewing life in a different way now. I think it's also in a good way since I'm much more happier now. I'm also really grateful to have lots of amazing people in my life to make it even better! People ranging from my BFF, close friends, mon&co, summer&co and also my Gushcloud family (and pssst, my followers and readers too!)

So yup! Counting down to 12am tonight and it'll officially be my 21st.

I'm bringing the experiences, memories and things I've learnt throughout this 20 years and using it to make my 21st year of my life an even better one! I hope you'll join me in this journey and share my happiness with me :) 

Love you all. Forever and always.


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