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Have you ever realized that you've always over-exceeded your data/talktime at the end of the month and to realize that you've lots of remaining smses that are unused?

Have you ever wanted to create your mobile plan based on your preferred needs?

I'm sure each and every one of you have faced a situation whereby you've over-exceeded your plan, be it your data, talktime or smses!!! For me, my current singtel mobile provides me with only 2GB of Data/month, 100mins of talk time and unlimited smses for $60++ a month.

HHowever, I've realized that I'm always exceeding the limited data/talk time and my bill always ends up around $100-$120+ . The most annoying thing for me (and I'm sure for everyone) is the fact that I'm barely using my UNLIMITED SMSES due to the fact that everyone's using Whatsapp now!!!

So you're probably wondering, is there a plan which we can create to tailor fit our monthly needs on our mobiles?


This is why I'm here today to introduce the new 

Easy Mobile is Singapore's FIRST EVER mobile plan that you can customise every month based on your needs!! You'll be building your tariff plan based on the number of units! The break down of one unit is..

Let's stop worrying about the flexibility and usage ofour plans, cause NOW, with SingTel's Easy Mobileplan, we're able to customize our own plan, track and check our usage, adjust our monthly needs depending on our usage and best of all, we're able to manage our plan ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on our phones, on the go! 

and if you're wondering what do I mean by " managing our plan anywhere, anytime "?

Let's just put this in a very simple scenario. Let's say for the month of January, you'll be having lots and lots of business calls. Thus, you'll be needingmore talk time, right? By simply accessing the SingTel mobile app, you'll be able to adjust and customize your mobile plan for the next/subsequent month too! AMAZING RIGHT! 

Currently i'm using the L (16units) plan and I'm loving how much data I'm provided every single month ;D I'm using 5gb data, 500 sms/mms and 200 talktime at this very moment!

If you're interested to register for the SingTel Easy Mobile plan, do visit for more information and details :D

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