Hello guys!!!

You're probably wondering where I've disappeared in the past month or so...

Well, basically I've been touring Taiwan and leaving Singapore every now and then throughout the month of September. And now that September is coming to an end... It's OCTOBER!! The month of Halloween and also my 21st :)

Not only that... I've just received a last minute notice from MINDEF that I would be enlisting onto the Singapore Army on the 14th of October.

YESSSS, TALK ABOUT BEING UNLUCKY - Enlisting in just less than 2 weeks before my 21st birthday ): Nonetheless, i'm gratefuly and thankful that i'll be able to go home everyday so army will not really disrupt me with my 21st birthday planning :D

Do you guys miss me? I hope you do !!!

and I guess i'm done with what I wanna say for today's post. I'll be posting up the posts for the month of September soon and also posts for my Taiwan trip :)

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading x

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