TAIWAN Day1 1/2

HELLO GUYS :D I'm finally here to blog about my Taiwan trip!! Soo before I start on my journey to Taiwan, I would like to tell you guys that my posts will be split in 4 different days, and probably will have different parts to it as there are some days where I took more photos :D

Soooo for my Day 1 post, there'll be 2 parts to it!

Sooo yup! Basically I went to Taiwan with my family during the first week of September! The plan to head there was pretty much impromptu actually. I was pretty much trying to get over my previous relationship and my parents saw a need for us to leave the country to unwind and that point of time so yippie for me! The taiwan trip was definitely a breather for me despite the terrible & stuffy weather. I still had loads of fun and happy memories with my family :)

Sooo moving on, the post for my Taiwan trip!

While we were waiting for the maxi to pick us up, I took several pics :D 

Really loving this monochrome ensemble I had that day :) 

And poof, we're at the airport now!:D

While the smokers went for their smoke break, mummy suggested that we take some photo for her as we're waiting :D 


And poof again, we're now at Taiwan's Airport HAHAHHAA!

As this trip was pretty much pre-planned by ourselves (w/o a tour guide), we had a pretty much free and easy time.

First stop, the money changer! Check :D

Next stop, finding our way to the bus stop! Check!

First photo taken outside Taiwan, Check! 

It was around 1pm when this photo was taken and we were all STARVING!!! We couldn't find anything yummy near the stations so... our first meal at Taiwan was at Mac Donalds -_- 

Tried their paradise shrimp burger and it was pretty much "meh" as compared to the one I've had at Japan before.

After lunch, we took the jet train to our destination :D 

And while the rest are taking their smoke break, time for me to explore and take more selfies wahahaha 

Frankly speaking, the trip was pretty costly :\ 

The train took around 30mins to arrive so while we're waiting....spot my dad HAHAHA

Time for a nap! I'M DEAD BEAT!

The trip to our hotel was pretty much straightforward via the cab. 

And one thing I LOVEEE to do when I'm overseas is to look at the different architecture and greens available at these foreign countries. I'm a nature boy yo~

One thing I really like about Taiwan is the fact that drivers are able to park almost EVERYWHERE in Taiwan! There are white lines available almost everywhere and as long as you park your car there, you're fine. BEST PART IS, IT'S FREE!!!! Why can't singapore be like this too ): 

After 40mins or so, we've finally reached our destination! City Inn Hotel :D 

And as you can see, I look pretty much tired as heck when we finally reached the hotel (around 4pm).


Will be blogging about part 2 probably next week or so :D Do check back often kay!

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