My 21st Birthday Celebration @ Fort Canning Hotel

Hello guys!

Soooo firstly I wanna apologize for the lack of updates on my blog recently. Have been pretty busy throughout my BMT phase and everytime I reach home would be an instant knock out on the bed for me, thus explains my inactivity T_T

Nontheless, I managed to have some time to do up a proper post today and i'll be blogging about my 21'st Birthday Celebration which was held at Fort Canning Hotel.

In case you're wondering why I choosed Fort Canning Hotel, it was the only hotel which was pretty much big enough to accomodate the number of people I've for my party and at the same time, doesn't exceed my budget. It cost me roughly $800 for the biggest suite available!! I was contemplating on choosing between this suite and the suite at St Regis (which I actually prefer as it's a 6star hotel). The reason why I opted for Fort canning hotel is due to the fact that I was sure that I am able to host the party there without any trouble whereas the suite at St Regis might be pretty troublesome as they provide butler services for every suite level (which means that the butlers can sabotage your party by complaining to the front desk etc) and that is the reason why I opted for Fort Canning Hotel. But if you're talking about an ordinary night's stay and you're looking for a hotel to stay the night at, I would definitely choose St Regis (reason -

Moving on, I wasn't at the hotel after checking in as I was busy travelling around Singapore to collect my food and other stuff. Thus, picture which you'll see for the next 30-40pics are not taken by me! Nontheless, enjoy them alright :D 
First thing's first, I  gotta thank Givefun sg ( for sponsoring me with the necessary party deco for my 21'st birthday celebration! This includes a humongous balloon bouquet, guest book and more :) If you're interested in getting yourself these balloons or for your friends and family members, do quote " tyler10 " for 10% off their items :)  

I also had a photobooth prepared which is managed by Fabphoto . Thank god there was enough space in my suite for the photobooth. Otherwise my money would be down the drain! Got 10% off as we're reaching the year end ;) I'm sure you'll be able to ask them if they've any available upcoming promo if you're keen to hire them .

They even had a big real time tv screen for you to access how you look during the photo taking sessions.

Guests started arriving but I'm not even there yet T_T my pageant friends heh 

Had the bathtub filled with lots and lots and lots of drinks :D I bought 4 packets of ice but unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Have to thank audi for making a trip to cold storage and getting us additional bags of ice! 

Guests started flowing in once the clock hits 7~

Amazing variety of food prepared :D Not sure if you can see but there are actually lots and lots of cornflakes kindly sponsored by faith from !!! She was pretty generous as she sponsored me 500 CORNFLAKES! YES, 500!  The cornflakes were delicious and tray after trays were cleared by my guests X)  Even till now, I've around 20+ leftovers and have been munching on them everyday heh. She was very professional and friendly to work with and I really enjoyed communicating with her! 

They look so colourful *_*

More info on the amazing cornflakes :D 

- Weekly Mass-Meetups at MRT Stations
- Halal-certified ingredients used for all food items.
- Food items are place in disposable air-tight plastic containers.
- Food items can be kept for up to 5-7 days from the collection date.
- $2 off if customers purchase 100 cups & above (valid till 31 Dec 2014).

If you're interested to order yours, contact them at:
Mobile: +65 9828 2251
Instagram: @bakebyfaith

GIVE IT A TRY! You'll definitely not regret it as it tastes freaking amazing and it's definitely addictive to munch on! :p 

More party photos ;) 

Reserved an area for my guests to write their birthday wishes on the guest book! Prepared pens, stickers, tape, scissors and more for them to use :D

Friends started going bonkers with the photos HAHAHA 

My dearest classmates from DHLFM <3 Been ages since I've last seen them ): 

And the gorgeous monakeekee came down in drag too! TOO FREAKING AMAZED and delighted to see that someone actually came down fully dressed!! If you're interested to hire her, you can contact her via her facebook page ;) . I ASSURE YOU, IT'LL BE A FUN NIGHT FILLED WITH LAUGHTER AND GORGEOUS/SPOTON LIPSYNCING PERFORMANCES!

And now it's time for the cake cutting session!!! The amazing two tiered cake is by my friends from KremeCouture!!! I asked if they could surprised me with their flavours and they did!! The cupcakes were also done by them and it was suited to my Heaven Vs Hell theme :D TOO FREAKING CUTEEEEE! 

As for the nutella crumble cake and velvet cake. It was prepared by Cake Spade!! Sooo blessed to be filled with lots and lots of cakes this year! T_T Too freaking touched, will talk about cake spade in another blogpost;) 

And I'm BACK :D 
The amazing candle was provided by my friend who got them at a party shop. If I remember correctly, it's only $6 for one! 

So blessed to be able to celebrate my birthday with the amazing 80+ people who came that day!!! Words cannot describe how freaking I was. So i'll use one simple sentence to sum how I feel for you guys.


And now it's time for the photo taking session :)

First up, I've to thank my bff who came by really early and travelled around Singapore to help me prepare for my birthday. Love you till the end of time and even when we're ghosts, we'll continue being amazing friends and boo the heck out of other human beings HAHAHA
Lotion who helped me to go through tough times! Everyone thought that he was a butch that day HAHAHA. But really, thank you so much for everything this year <3
The amazing mon&co who've been friends with me for the past 5 years ;) Thank you for your continuous guidance, friendship and love. Though the full assemble wasn't here today, I was still touched by everyone who came down. Thank you so much! 

And of course my amazing pageant friends and classmates! Thank you for being my continuous source of laughter!! I enjoyed spending time with you during my pageant days/ sch days and it would be pretty much boring without you guys. Know that I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Summer&co? Definitely no stranger as they've been in my old blogposts since the day I started blogging. Friends for the past 6 years and I really appreciate and love all of you. Though we've drifted as I grow older, I hope you guys know that I really miss hanging out with you guys and I hope that we'll be able to have a proper gathering whereby we can laugh, chitchat and do crazy stuff like the old days <3 

Thank you mona for being the source of entertainment and laughter for my guests that day. Really touched that you were able to make it down even though we've only met on several occasions. Her appearance was definitely an eye-opener for my guests that day! I'm posting her photo up here as to encourage people to not be judgmental of people, and encourage them to be who and what they wanna be, and excel at what they're good at. She's an amazing drag queen, and i'll always look up to her as an amazing icon and inspiration for Singaporeans drag queens!! COME ON, WE NEED MORE OPEN MINDED PPL IN SINGAPORE. 
Acting silly with mona :P 

AND OF COURSE, MY BELOVED GUSHCLOUD FAMILY!!! They've been there for me for the past 2-3 years and I'm really touched. My social media platforms wouldn't be where they are now if not for them. Thank you for being the amazing people you are, giving me love in the form of friendship and giving me my paycheck too HAHAHAHA! I hope that there'll be more GC weekends held next year as I really miss attending them x) 

And of course, not forgotting my close friends. You know who you are ;) 

Oh and let's not forget this red faced drunken Jeremy! Who has helped me on that day as a volunteer with my bff :D Travelling around singapore and helping me carry the food all over the place. Thank you so much <3 

Soooo now that i'm done with the thank yous. It was time for the prize giving ceremony for the best dressed person that day! It was a 1 year supply of skincare products sponsored by various shops at qoo10 :) thank you guys!

And after tallying the votes by everyone who attended that day, the winner is Mona :D 
Behold her gorgeousness HAHAHAHA! :) 

Last but not least, it's the photos taken with the people who came by late that day. Thank you so much for coming~!

And oh before I forget, I've to thank each and every single one of you readers out there! For motivating me to push out contents for you guys! Once i've settled down with my army stuff, I promise to update my blog more regularly ;)

So for now, enjoy the photos!!

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  1. Hi Tyler,

    I am planning a birthday party at Fort Canning Hotel too. Would like to know how many guest can be accomodate in this room? And how you managed to bring up the catering food?