My Stand

Hello guys!

I've been wanting to address something that has been ongoing since yesterday and yes, I'm talking about the GC whatsapp leakage.

Firstly, I want to make things clear that my english isn't on par with many of the well spoken bloggers out there and neither am I the best when it comes to articulating my thoughts. So for all the grammar Nazis out there, give me a break.

I'm sure many of you have read the group conversation between the Gushcloud influencers and the peeps behind . Since yesterday, waves and waves of tirade has been present on the media and social media platforms (which personally I feel has been going out of hand).

Well, the things that has been said and surfaced online is already there and frankly speaking, nobody expected it to be released publicly. For long time readers and supporters of mine who've read what's been said by me and for those who're disappointed in me, let me clear and clarify some stuff before I go on with my thoughts regarding this ongoing war since xmas eve.

#1- The things I've said on the group chat

Note: As there are a lot of stuff that was omitted in the whatsapp chat (which is posted on the tumblr site ranging from images, videos and also different conversation topics). I will only be addressing and show what I've said throughout this whole time and answer with 100% honesty.

Look at the image that I've sent which was omitted. The picture on the left is what I've said and the picture of the right is the image that I've sent. It is a PRINT SCREENED image of what's being said by another person (I've mosaic the twitter handle of the said person as I do not want to drag him/her into this). I found it funny as my bro's girlfriend also had a face on her knee and it was a topic to laugh about in our family a few months back. I thought that sharing this would lighten up the atmosphere as it's xmas eve so yup, it's not meant to be offensive in any way. 

What XX posted

What was posted on the tumblr site

The url was excluded out, maybe cause if it's present, it'll make the image looks messier. But I think that the url is important as without it, it looks as though I'm the one who said that xx will be gg for crowd funding without any source.

And if you click on the site,

XX herself said so, so yup! I hope this clears this 2 points.

As for the spongebob pineapple joke, it's something I saw on twitter and copy/pasted on the whatsapp group chat which is similar to the knee joke.

For the rest of the things I've mentioned, it's mainly copy pasted articles which are related to the whole ongoing issue. The others are just jokes which at that moment of time, to me was just another light hearted joke to lighten up the mood. But now that I've read what I've said and thought about it, it may look kinda offensive to some and in this case, it may have offended xx. So I would like to sincerely apologize for that.


#2 - False accusations and hate comments

I've been tagged by numerous troll accounts who have bluntly accused me of being the mole in gushcloud. When questioned, they say it's because I'm the only person without a " colon ".

As I look through the group chat posted online, all I can think of is ..... WHAT COLON?

I seriously do not understand how these people come to the conclusion that I'm the mole merely because of that colon shit and I've been asking around what they're talking about too!

Apparently no one understands -_-

For the troll account ( @gushcloudmole ), I do not know why but it seems like you've a personal vendetta against me. Especially at the way how you're trying to convince other people to believe you and your nonsensical words.

To defend myself, I'm currently serving the nation and I've been having overnight duty throughout the weekend and have only reached home today. What makes you think I've so much freaking free time to even create a proper tumblr site (which I've no idea how to cr8 and format as I've tried in the past), change and edit the names and contents of the whatsapp conversation IN CAMP where there's limited internet access and seriously, why would i self sabotage myself?

And even if I'm you ( @gushcloudmole ), why the fuck would I even openly declare that I'm me -_- If I wanna do so, I would have done that on my original instagram account, no?

Secondly, you DO NOT speak like me. I am extremely anal when it comes to the spacing before and after a full stop so please try harder if you're trying to imitate me.

Thirdly, to address the hate comments.

I do NOT care if anybody calls me ugly, talking bullshit, so on and so forth but the biggest insult EVER would be to call me a " spoilt brat ". To me, that's like calling me the biggest scumbag of the earth cause YOU DO NOT KNOW ME LIKE THAT. Just a little insight of my past for my dear readers, I HAVE BEEN WORKING SINCE THE AGE OF 6 FOR MY PARENTS. From selling of fish ball noodles at a coffee shop to other forms of eatery at the hawker center, I've been spending my weekends and most free time at the hawker center helping out my parents.

My family used to be really really poor (2room flat, loss of $ as my dad got cheated) so the only way we got through everything was through hard work. Instead of having the luxury of spending my weekends watching cartoons and going out, I spent my weekends WORKING WITHOUT PAY for my parents and I've never expected them to give me luxuries. I've also been paying for my own wants and needs, ranging from gaming devices to phones and even brands and clothing. So how in the world did you get the reference that I'm spoilt? Or are you saying that just because you've nothing else to say?

For those who know me and suspect me of being a mole too. I can freaking swear on my life that I AM NOT the mole and I'll NEVER BE cause I'll never stoop to that level; to betray people who've helped me in one way or another. As for those who're still trying to come for me and throw shade continuously?


Since the start of this ongoing drama, I personally felt that this war is truly something I do not wish to be involved in too much. Why? I've a couple of friends in NN and I really do not wish that this whole ongoing war will affect our friendship. I've also friends who are not in GC/NN, but are kinda involved in one way or another and I've personally texted them in hopes that the friendship won't be sabotaged (which they then agreed that everything is of 2 separate issues and friendship is one thing that shouldn't be dragged in).
This whole thing has been going out of hand, especially since now that there's a mole in the company, everything in the group chat is exposed with my name being out there and how I'm " involved ". My parents got to know about this and even called me last night while I was in camp to ask if everything's fine and this feeling really sucks!

Whenever, I've gotten into accidents in the past, or encountered health problems like fainting due to low blood pressue, I've NEVER told my parents about it as they've been working everyday at the hawker center and I know how stress it is for them. The least I can do is for them is to make them NOT WORRY ABOUT ME. So I feel really really bad for making them worry now and that is why I've decided to write this post, address and clarify things and apologize.

I'm definitely not an angel and I've definitely said some bad things and done some bad stuff in the past. But know this, ever since my 21st. I've been wanting to lead a better lifestyle with lesser drama, which was why I didn't blog or talk about any of these things earlier. The things I've said which has came off as offensive, I've apologized. If any of you wants to come after me and throw shade, ask yourself deep down if you've ever ranted to another person regarding your problems and stuff. I believe we're all humans and ranting is something we all do. So I hope you guys can be objective and be impartial on all these, hopefully go easy on the rest of the influencers as well.

The only war I wanna be in right now is my guild war in Dynasty Kingdoms LOL

So yup, I've said my piece.let me end this post by thanking all my friends and followers who've been texting and messaging me throughout this whole war to ask if I'm ok. I'm truly thankful for the care and concern. For the readers who've been supporting me mentally this whole time, thank you so much and I love you guys :)

Lastly, #prayforQZ8501


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