Be mesmerized by the amazing array of colours as you take a bite on one of these delicious snacks made by Bakebyfaith! As mentioned on my previous blogpost which was my birthday blogpost,  I had lots and lots of these delicious cups of sweet treats kindly sponsored by faith from !!! The cornflakes were delicious to the extend that tray after trays of them were immediately cleared by my guests X) It was so yummy I couldn't resist ordering more from Faith after my birthday!

These treats were really crunchy and most important of all, I think that they're a really healthy yet yummy snack!! They may look pretty simple, but looks can be deceiving!! This little cups are really really addictive and you'll definitely be munching away cup after cups of these irresistible munchies 

Chocolate Cornflakes

Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles

Strawberry Rice Krispies

My personal favourite would definitely have to be the chocolate cornflakes. They're not too overwhelmingly sweet, crunchy and really freaking addictive to munch on too! Not only that, they're colourful and simply looking at it really makes a person's mood better! For my friends who're non-chocolate fans, they loveeeee the marshmallow fruity pebbles as they've tinch of marshmallow goodness on it and it tastes soooo goood !

These sweet treats are definitely the perfect tea-time snack or movie bite for people of all ages! 

More info on the amazing cornflakes :D 

- Weekly Mass-Meetups at MRT Stations
- Halal-certified ingredients used for all food items.
- Food items are place in disposable air-tight plastic containers.
- Food items can be kept for up to 5-7 days from the collection date.
- $2 off if customers purchase 100 cups & above (valid till 31 Jan 2015).

If you're interested to order yours, contact them at:
Mobile: +65 9828 2251
Instagram: @bakebyfaith

GIVE IT A TRY! You'll definitely not regret it as it tastes freaking amazing and it's definitely addictive to munch on! :p You'll definitely not regret buying it :) 

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