My Skincare Journey With Lush Aesthetics Pt 1

Hello guys :) I'm here today to introduce to you my current facial sponsor who will be helping me with my skin issues for the next 6 months!

As mentioned previously, my skin has broken out really badly recently. Though it has been pretty much more or less tamed, i'm still plagued with lots of blemishes as I've pretty pale skin. Which makes it even worst as these blemishes are more prominent ):  To make things worst, the haze in Singapore has affected my skin and I'm breaking out again! What a trying and tiring cycle T_T

Below are photos of my skin condition a couple of weeks back. I've never had the habit of editing my photos so whatever I'm showing you is my face in it's naked glory T_T  It's so unsightly isn't it! 

Thank god lush contact my manager and we had this sponsorship collab worked out!

Lush Aesthetics is located at 
19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909

My therapist Joanne recommended for me to undergo the customized treatment! She wanted to target my existing acne problem first and also rid my face of the comedones before we proceed with lightening of my post hyperpigmentation marks and scars ):

The treatment basically consists of 
-Double Cleansing
-Enzyme peel
-Extractions with a supersonic extractor
-AHA peel
-Customized mud/clay mask

Like I said, the treatment for you will be customized as according to your needs so yours may be different!

Here's how my face looked like minutes after the extraction was done T_T So unsightly and disgustingly red!

They then applied this soothing mask to calm my face of the redness due to the extractions and ...

Viola!! My face isn't that red anymore! :) Which was pretty impressive if I may say so myself!

Update few days after the treatment

My face is breaking out less often (also thanks to my diet change, skincare products and kinohimitsu!) and my pores are visibly cleaning and looks healthier too! My skin has a glowy and dewey look to it despite the blemishes and i'm really looking forward to my next session with Lush Aesthetics!

Lush Aesthetics
Address: 19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909
Phone: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431

Milk & Honey!

Gave milk and honey a try some time back with le bff! I found that the yogurt tastes pretty similar to the llaollao but the main difference and plus point is definitely the different assortment of toppings, sauce and macaroons!

The yogurt is pretty good and I can't wait to give their lavender yogurt a try the next time :D

Introducing One Of My Favourite Scenic Spots In Singapore - Mount Faber

Hello guys :)

I've been thinking of clearing my past photos onto a series of blog posts but I can't seem to retrieve any of the photos from my old hard disk T_T Guess I'll have to make do with the more recent photos and update you guys a little on my life then.

Anyway I got my hair done at Salon Vim again recently, well... not recently since this post is roughly a month old hahahaha but I've to give a huge thank you to Elize from salon vim for the amazing job well done :) I was going for a gradient tone of lilac/purple and ash and she did a really good job with it! Her haircuts are always on point and I feel good and look good all the time :)

Salon Vim (Facebook page)
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09
Bugis Village @ 235 Victoria Street s(188027)

Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm

Contact:             6884-7757       or             6884-7767      

You can quote my name to get 10% off for your hair services
Otherwise, you can also sign up as a Salon Vim member to get 15% off each visit :)

I've been meeting up with my dear bffs very little this year. Like bi-monthly? Well, we're all growing adults trying to fit in with society so jobs and school has definitely became a hindrance to our meet ups. But I was definitely glad to be able to spend time with this little angel every now and then :)

Drove a temporary car back then and it has one of the worst seats ever. It wasn't leather encased so the seats kinda absorbed a whole lot of heat during bad days but oh well, at least i get to drive! Hahaha

Brought her to montanna brew bar to treat her the different waffles available there :) After which, I got us Rose shaped Gelato from GELATO @ B1 of Plaza Singapura!

After leaving plaza sing, I had the thought of bringing her to one of my favourite spots in singapore. Can you guess where it is? 

It's the peak of Mount Faber!!! 

Since young, I've always had a fascination and love with nature and any place which feels very forest-y. You can call me nature boy yeah? HAHAHA! Camping was definitely one of my favourite things to do during sch and exploring different places was definitely one of my fav hobbies :) 

All pictures are taken with my new Casio Exlim 3500!! I'm loving how the photos turns out so far and the low light setting has been pretty superior to the previous ex-zr10000 that i've been using! I'll probably do up a review on it soon :)

It's always a good time when you've good company ;) 

Thanks for reading! x


A quite note before I start on this review: You're probably wondering why I'm actually doing a review on beauty products now. Well for starters, I would like to share with you guys a little backstory of what went on with my skin this year. 

I've always been facing acne-proned skin since my teenage years, though I once had perfect and flawless skin, I was plagued with comedones endlessly during puberty. Throughout the process of trying to rid them off my face, I actually made things worst and my face broke out during my teenage years as a result. Ever since then, I've been spending THOUSANDS over dollars on my face over the years and if you're a regularly reader of my blog since 2010-ish, you'll know that I've been to many doctors and tried out endless beauty products that's available on the market too! Some worked, while some made it worst. Aghh, those were really bad times... 

My skin has pretty tamed for the past two years but I've had the worst breakout EVER this year due to the insane amount of stress and other factors! So there is definitely a  need for me to start paying detailed attention to my skin again as I do not want to be plagued with endless amount of acne etc!

Soooo to counteract this breakout issue that I'm facing, I've bought and tried out a whole lot of beauty products this year and YAY! My skin is pretty much in check again and this is why I would like to share with you guys my current skincare regime! But before that, I would like to do a product-by-product review and analysis with you guys :)


I came across a review of this beauty water online and has seen several reviews done by korean makeup gurus on youtube!

As mentioned earlier on, I've been trying out insane amounts of beauty products recently and this is one of those which I really really recommend for you guys! Read on to find out why~

Here's a rough extract on what the beauty water is and what is it all about ... 

The beauty water is a toner and an exfoliator that has cleansing, brightening, softening and hydration effects on the skin! It is gentle enough for daily use and is good for all skin types :) 

How I use it: After cleansing your face, I'll douse a cotton pad with this beauty water and sweep it across my face. 

Consistency wise, it is actually pretty liquidy and watery. Which is a plus for those who do not like oily skincare products! best of all, it seems that my skin absorbs the product really easily and quickly! Alternatively, you can choose to splash the beauty water on your face and gently pat it try with just your fingertips.

Personally though, I prefer to use a cotton pad as I really love the exfoliating factor of this product. Need a much more convincing reason on why? HERE'S A PIC! 

As mentioned previously, my skin has been going through a major breakout recently and it has been pretty much crazy(!?). In the sense that it produces oil and sebum on the excessive level kinda way? I do have a habit of tapping my skin with a napkin to drain off the excess oil on photos but by the end of the day, my face still tends to be filled with lots and lots of dirt, grime and oil

What amazes me about this product is that it delivers what it promises! Just look at the photo I've posted above. The yellowish disgusting color that's present on the cotton pad are actually my dead skin after a long day out! AND THIS IS APPLIED AFTER CLEANSING!! Meaning to say, the beauty water actually helped me remove the dirt which was not removed throughout the cleansing process and it did all this while moisturizing my face at the same time!

I must say, I definitely feel shiok (good) in the sense that.. I can see all the dirt being removed as I swipe it all around my face! Best of all, it hydrates my face as it exfoliates and my face doesn't feel dry at all after using it!

After using this beauty product, you can follow up with your essences/serums/treatment products.

Here's a detailed explanations of what the ingredients are in the product and what it does for your face!

Cleanse: Ingredients you can find in your own kitchen! Coconut, corn, potato, and wheat gently cleanse the skin.
Exfoliate: Willow bark and papaya extracts lift impurities and dead skin cells. Without that extra layer of dead skin cells, you’ll see improvements to your skin tone and texture. Say hello to brighter, smoother skin.
Hydrate: The second ingredient is rose water. Couple that with lavender and orange fruit extracts, and you’ve got intense hydration for the skin that will keep it healthy and happy.

Would I repurchase this product after finishing it? DEFINITELY!

This product is also used by many kpop artists, makeup masters and more! This product has helped many kpop artists in achieving the beauty dewy and fresh look without excessive makeup. So far, I'm really loving how this product helps me in achieving a cleaner and healthier face! And knowing the fact that it's actually conceived by professionals that knows the importance of good skincare and makeup, I can say that I'm actually in good hands? HAHAHAHA!

Okay, that's all I've say about this product! You can get this product on Sokoglam and Qoo10 if you're interested :) It costs roughly $30 and I would say that it's a good investment if you're interested in having a healthier and cleaner skin for yourself!