My Skincare Journey With Lush Aesthetics Pt 1

Hello guys :) I'm here today to introduce to you my current facial sponsor who will be helping me with my skin issues for the next 6 months!

As mentioned previously, my skin has broken out really badly recently. Though it has been pretty much more or less tamed, i'm still plagued with lots of blemishes as I've pretty pale skin. Which makes it even worst as these blemishes are more prominent ):  To make things worst, the haze in Singapore has affected my skin and I'm breaking out again! What a trying and tiring cycle T_T

Below are photos of my skin condition a couple of weeks back. I've never had the habit of editing my photos so whatever I'm showing you is my face in it's naked glory T_T  It's so unsightly isn't it! 

Thank god lush contact my manager and we had this sponsorship collab worked out!

Lush Aesthetics is located at 
19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909

My therapist Joanne recommended for me to undergo the customized treatment! She wanted to target my existing acne problem first and also rid my face of the comedones before we proceed with lightening of my post hyperpigmentation marks and scars ):

The treatment basically consists of 
-Double Cleansing
-Enzyme peel
-Extractions with a supersonic extractor
-AHA peel
-Customized mud/clay mask

Like I said, the treatment for you will be customized as according to your needs so yours may be different!

Here's how my face looked like minutes after the extraction was done T_T So unsightly and disgustingly red!

They then applied this soothing mask to calm my face of the redness due to the extractions and ...

Viola!! My face isn't that red anymore! :) Which was pretty impressive if I may say so myself!

Update few days after the treatment

My face is breaking out less often (also thanks to my diet change, skincare products and kinohimitsu!) and my pores are visibly cleaning and looks healthier too! My skin has a glowy and dewey look to it despite the blemishes and i'm really looking forward to my next session with Lush Aesthetics!

Lush Aesthetics
Address: 19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909
Phone: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431

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