My Skincare Journey With Lush Aesthetics Pt 3

Before I begin with my skin woes, I would like to address some background concerns regarding my posts for Lush Aesthetics.

Firstly, I would like to say that my posts are 100% impartial. Even though Lush Aesthetics has been sponsoring my facial/laser treatments for the past 5 months, I've actually been a customer with them since early 2015! Back then, I wasn't even sponsored with the services! I actually paid for it myself.

The opportunity to collab and work with them was amazing so far. I've tried many of the treatments that they've been providing for their customers and I'm amazed by the results of them all.

Needless to say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Though I've not been writing about them since late last year, I've been consistently taking photos after my trips to Lush Aesthetics! To jot down my experiences with them, the results and how I look after the treatments.

Secondly, though I initially planned to separating these posts into numerous ones (namely 1 after every visit), I've decided to compile all of them instead so that you guys can see the difference for yourself!

Thirdly, my complexion truly looks terrible back then when I was diagnosed with symtomes of cancer. I'll talk about that when Tyler V2 is released next month :)  I won't talk about Tyler V2 now but basically... i'll be going back into the youtube scene! YAY . HAHHAA

Lastly, enjoy the photos :) ALL PHOTOS ARE TAKEN USING SCREENSHOTS OF VIDEOS I TOOK USING SNAP CHAT. Note that all photos aren't edited with any magic brushes or whatever. They're just cropped and resized!

November 2015
Despite popular beliefs that I've AMAZING FLAWLESS COMPLEXION WITH 0 ACNE/PIMPLES ETC. I'm actually plagued with terrible acne and skin after I was diagnosed with having a cancerous polyps. The detox and pre-surgery procedure was terrible and I broke out extremely badly. My face was not only breaking out with ginormous acne every now and then, but I also had comedones EVERYWHERE on my face. 

For those who do not know what comedones are , they're those tiny bumps on your face which is normally not visible under the naked eye unless you either look at your face REAAAAL close, or you feel them while washing your face.

Since young, i've been plagued with comedones even thou my face was pretty much acne/pimple free. But the feeling of knowing that there's clogged oil stuck in your face is pretty disturbing and gross. 

Back then, I did the AHA treatment with Lush  Aesthetics :) You can go ahead and read my previous posts on more about that treatment! 

October 2015
Acne more or less subdued.Still having breakouts regularly though T_T I feel so bloody ugly back then. Did another round of AHA treatment :) 

November 2015 week 2
Acne more of less subdued and appearance of new pimples and acne has been reduced by a lot. This month, Lush Aesthetics decided to use their ALMA Laser treatment for me instead :) The treatment consists of a facial too! 

Steps includes: Double cleansing, exfoliating via an enzyme peel, pore softening mask, sonic extraction, soothing mask, ALMA Laser and last but not least, a skin calming mask!

One week after treatment :) 
Skin looking really clear and radiant now :) 

3 weeks after treatment :) 
Just take a look at the difference for yourself 

After second treatment at December! :) 
Had my second ALMA Laser treatment with Lush Aethstics as the results were amazing :) 

A week after my second treatment!
Taken with natural lighting. My skin isn't breaking out anymore by the end of December :) Acnes are gone, comedones are gone, blackheads are dramatically reduced and I'm really happy!

But looking back at my december progress, it makes me feel extremely happy! Cause as of 31 January 2015. I'm proud to say that I've TOTALLY CLEAR SKIN. The only thing troubling me now is the leftover reddish marks from the residues of my past acne. My skin recovers from such stuff REALLY slowly as i've really slow skin cell regenerating (skills?) LOL. But overall, I'm bloody happy as those minor imperfections that I've now are easily covered with a simple tinted sunblock. NO MORE MAKEUP HUHUHUUUU.

If you're interested, I can share with you guys my skincare routine in my future youtube videos :) to give you guys more insight of what I've been doing other than my facial/lasers with Lush Aesthetics.

Once again, thank you Lush Aesthetics for helping me achieve clear and radiant skin:) I CAN FINALLY TAKE SNAP CHAT VIDEOS WITHOUT BEING CONSCIOUS OF MY SKIN CONDITION

Lush Aesthetics
Address: 19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909
Phone: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431

Confession: when I was plagued with terrible acne, etc back then. I had to apply lots of bb cream and concealor just to make myself look better and less depressed with my current skin condition. As of 31st January, I'm proud to say that I no longer need bb cream and i'm acne free, comedone free, and everything else free :D 

Ending this post with a side by side comparison (2 months progress)