My Visit to Renewme Skin Clinic Part 1

Hello guys! I hope your day has been pretty awesome!!

Recently, I visited Korea for a needed holiday!! It was definitely a relief after all that I've been through last year. It was also a sign of new start for me after going through cancer, depression and etc. When you think of starting over new, what do you think of? 

For me, it's to present myself in a different light. Obviously not in the fake way but to improve myself continuously and show that side of me to the world. But as we all know, everyone's superficial these days and looks definitely plays an important factor in our lives. 

Speaking of looks, I'm sure you guys have been following me on my journey with Lush Aesthetics on my previous posts. Though my acne condition has pretty much cease to exist, I am still plagued with a whole lot of acne scars (unfortunately). 

As we all know by now, Seoul is a well known for it's intensive and awesome skincare, clinics and plastic surgery! And since i'm there, I decided to pay a visit to Renewme Skin Clinic after reading all the raving reviews available online :) 

One of the main problems when it comes to medical tourism in a foreign country is the language barrier. However, liasing with Renewme Skin Clinic was ezpz as their consultants are able to converse excellently in English and Mandarin!!

That said, I'm sure you're pretty interested on why Renewme Skin Clinic is so popular amongst tourists and locals alike... so here's a little background introduction on Renewme Skin Clinic  !

And that's it !! Pretty amazing aren't they :)

In total, I did a total of 4 treatments with them during my stay in Korea. You're probably wondering what are the procedures I've done....


I will not be revealing them in this post! But in my next post :) Ahhhh I'm such a tease HAHA

So keep a lookout and check back again regularly cause I'll be sharing with you guys a whole lot of photos!

For more information on Renewme Skin Clinic, check out their website at . You may also add Saemmul at Kakaotalk/Wechat - Renewmeskin !! She's my english consultant and also the person who has helped me a whole lot throughout my journey at Renewme Skin Clinic :)

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