My First Visit To Apgujeong Korean Hair Studio

Hello guys :) If you guys do not know, my contract with my previous hair sponsor has came to an end. 

My last visit with them was back then during Feb, throughout these few months. I had my hair done by Jean Pierre himself but as for the coloring services... I've been DIY-ing. That explains the ugly shades and tones present in my pics ): In desperate need to fix my ugly roots, hair and hairstyle. I posted a post on instagram indicating that I'm currently looking for a new hair sponsor!

Thankfully, the team from Apgujeong Korean Hair Studio contacted me and i'll be working with them for the next couple of months (YAY!!)

If you do not already know, Apgujeong Hair Studio offers full korean hair and make up services done by REAL AUTHENTIC KOREANS!!! I'm putting this in bold as there are currently lots of " korean salons " in Singapore offering hair services but in reality, most of the stylists are are actually just Singaporeans/Malaysians. So if you ask me, it kinda feels like a scam/sham since they're naming themselves a " Korean Hair Salon ". (sorry to digress HAHAHA)

In Apgujeong, their award winning styling team strives to push the boundaries and set the trends when it comes to hair dressing. IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT WHEN I GOT THE NEWS THAT I'LL BE WORKING WITH THEM!!!

They have currently 4 outlets availabe in Singapore!

and another outlet will be opening at Vivo City soon! I can't wait to pay them a visit X)

So moving on, I made my first visit to Apgujeong Hair Studio @ the Punggol Waterway Point

I was then guided to my seat and was offered a warm cup of tea and biscuits to munch on! (fyi they even have Nongshim korean cup noodles if you're reaaally hungry!)

The stylist that did my hair that day was Christine! And she was really really friendly and was really keen to listen to my hair woes and expected finishing results from this visits. In reality, i'm a pretty much simple and easy person to please but christine really blew me away with the results!!! I'll show you guys pictures of my hair later :) 

The list of procedures done

1) Bleaching x2 
(first on the roots & the second layer was on the whole head)
2) Colouring
3) Haircut

and the end results?? ....

I've been wanting this tone of ash color for the LONGEST time ever but I'm not sure why I didn't go ahead and get it done. Maybe because my hair was unhealthy to begin with the previous salon i visited was unable to achieve it.

But all in all, my honest and 100% non bias verdict is that ...


The hair cuts with Christine were superb and I was really impressed with the finishing results!! Though I think that the salon itself can improve on the customer service aspects (I didn't feel really homely there), all in all, I think that as long as my hair color and cut is done right, I'm more than happy to return :)


It's been roughly 5 days since I had my hair done and initially, I expected the color to fade to the usual ugly blonde color like the ones I normally had. HOWEVER, IT DID NOT.

My hair color is currently pretty much still the same, albeit a little brighter but not in the ugly yellowish blonde tone!!

(this is how my hair color looks like in sunlight)

Thank you so much Apgujeong for the awesome job done on my hair :) I can't wait for my future hair cut and coloring services!!

If you're interested in having your hair done at Apgujeong, do pay them a visit at any of their outlets! Quote my name for a 10% off and I hope you'll love your results as much as I do! 

Apgujeong Hair Salon (Facebook page)
Apgujeong @ Bishan Junction 8
Apgujeong @ Punggol Waterway Point
Apgujeong @ Tampines 1
Apgujeong @ Tiong Bahru Plaza 

You can quote my name to get 10% off for your hair services

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