My Visit to Renewme Skin Clinic Part 3

Hello people! It's been roughly 3 months since my last post on RenewMe Skin Clinic!!

I've decided to post my results a few months later as I wanted to record my recovery progress after my first experience with invasive lasers for my acne scars!

So here they are now!

These pictures are taken 2 weeks after the procedures I've done! You can read more about the procedures I've done on my second post on RenewMe Skin Clinic here > .

As you can see, my skin has a yellowish tinge present on it and it's due to the bruising caused by Innofill !! The severity of the brusing depends on your body's recovery speed. Unfortunately, I took longer to recover and that was why the bruising stayed for quite some time (till 3 weeks). 

1 and a half month later... 
As you can see, all signs of bruising are no longer present. Though if you look reaaaaally close up on my skin, you can actually see the scars still present!! This is because acne scar recovery takes a much more longer time to heal and requires more sessions! Unfortunately, I'm currently based in Singapore so I'm unable to undergo more sessions with RenewMeSkin Clinic!! 

Good thing is, my pores are not as visible as it used to be and my scars have lightened in color! Thus, I'm still very happy with the results! A lot of people has complimented on the radiance of my skin over the course of these few months and obviously credits are due, so here's a BIG BIG THANK YOU TO RENEWMESKIN CLINIC!!!!

Recovery process 2 months! From far, you'll not be able to see my acne scars present. YASSS!

And hey! Even the famous celebrity PearyPie complimented me on my skin :D

Overall thoughts: I'm really satisfied with the results achieved by RenewMe Skin Clinic and I'm definitely impressed by it as I only undergone one full session with them! I believe that my skin can get better if I choose to improve on it!!

The results from RenewMeSkin clinic are pretty good and the staff there are really really pleasant, professional and friendly. Once again, a big thank you to Saemmul who's my coordinator and Renewme Skin Clinic for the intensive and effective treatments ;)

For more information on Renewme Skin Clinic, check out their website at . You may also addSaemmul at Kakaotalk/Wechat - Renewmeskin !! She's my english consultant and also the person who has helped me a whole lot throughout my journey at Renewme Skin Clinic :)

Sidenote: Now that I'm based in Singapore for a while, I'm still looking for options for my acne scars to fully recover. I am currently thinking of trying out the laser treatments at maybe... DRX clinic, IDS clinic or The Clifford Clinic =\ hmmmm we'll see if fate permits a collaboration or if I've the money!

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