LED Teeth Whitening with Mirage Aesthetics!

An awesome smile has always been known to boost the self confidence and esteem of individuals since a longg longgg time ago. However, due to our daily food intake, our teeth starts to turn yellow (no thanks tea/coffee!).

For me, as I'm not a very teeth-smiley kinda guy and I prefer to smile without my teeth showing, the "presentation" of my teeth has never really bothered me. However, ever since I got my braces removed last year, I've become more conscious of my teeth especially since I've paid a whole lot of money for it! So why not take good care of it!

Since we're on the topic of teeth whitening, one good way to whiten your teeth effectively is to go for LED Teeth Whitening treatments!

I've been wanting to go for a teeth whitening session prior to cny but I fell sick and was unable to make an appointment with Mirage Aesthetics, whom actually contacted me last year for a collaboration while I was still in Korea. My appointment has been delayed for > 1month and even though I was still down with an illness, I went ahead with my treatment on 2 weeks back as I do not want to further postpone the appointment. Thankfully, the staff who was making arrangements for my appointments were really patient and understanding and I'm really grateful!

I really love the design and ambiance of the whole place. It has this very forest-y feel that I LOVEE and the whole place was so spack and clean.

I'm sure most of you have seen many pictures of people doing their teeth whitening procedures before in the past so i'll give that a miss. But here are some of the points that I truly love about Mirage Aesthetics


The staff were extremely attentive and friendly, they greet you with a smile and offers you a choice of beverage with a warm towel to clean yourself up prior to the consultation process.

2) Service is consistent

They were friendly and attentive throughout the whole procedure, even checking in on me every 15-20 minutes during the whitening process while ensuring that I'm fine with the treatment

3) Results can be seen within one treatment



It's pretty obvious that the LED whitening treatment DOES work and I'm sure you guys will love it like I do! My teeth got 4 shades lighter now :D  (pardon my unshaved beard roots)

Overall, I enjoyed my treatment with Mirage Aesthetics and I've to give a big thumbs up for their service and consistency. The only flaw I could find was the inflexibility of their machine, which made me have to sit in a position which which a little uncomfortable (just a little, I promise). Other than that, I would highly recommend Mirage Aesthetics if you're keen to give teeth whitening a try.

Also do remember not to take any colored food such as curry, smoke and do anything that can affect your teeth

If you're interested in getting your teeth whitened too, they are having a special offer for first timers for their LED Teeth Whitening procedure. It's now at only $180 (U.P $480)

1 Tanglin Road, Orchard Parade Hotel, #04-08,
Singapore 247905
TEL: 62623358 / 62623378
Mirage Aesthetic website: http://www.mirageaesthetic.com/
Promotional page for LED Teeth Whitening: Link
You can also SMS them at +65 9655 2542 to find out more about their services and treatments.

Thank you Mirage Aesthetics for having me and helping me improve with my smile :D 

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