Achieving PEACH ROSE HAIR @ Black Hair Salon

Color of the MonthPeachy Rose
Done by Raymond, Director from Black Hair Salon

Hello guys~ As mentioned in one of my old post during Feb, my contract with my previous hair sponsor has came to an end. The stylist at one of the outlets did a pretty bad job on my last trip there and I ended up with a head full of different tones of blonde on different parts of my head... 

I tried to salvage the situation by purchasing some coloured dye online to even the colours out but I failed badly. Though I didn't turn out as nice as I thought it would, It wasn't that bad either

However, as my roots started to grow and the lilac started to fade, my hair became really unsightly and I felt really messy about it. However, due to my hectic schedule and upcoming exams, I didn't had time to liaise with a salon to fix my hair!

Thankfully, I got the opportunity to work with Black Hair Salon after hearing lots of raving reviews about them online!

My assigned stylist and also director of the salon was Raymond (no pics of him today :p will take one on my next trip), I explained to him my current hair condition and my expected color/style of the day. 

He thoroughly assessed my hair condition and informed me that my hair had to go shorter than it already is due to the damage done by the numerous bleaching services I've did in the past. I had no problems with going for a shorter look as I'm a guy afterall and our hair grows fast! We then discussed the colour we would be going for, and to be honest, after seeing a whole lot of people sporting the 'rose gold' hair color trend, I was tempted to give it a go! 

However, after discussion with Raymond, he decided that the rose gold color is too common nowadays so he decided to do the peachy rose color that Joy from Red Velvet sported recently! :D 

The entire process took roughly 5 hours, which includes 2 bleaching sessions, 1 colouring session and 2 haircut sessions~ The first haircut is to trim down the hair and the second haircut was to ensure that the damaged ends would be snipped off, leaving only healthy and newer hair!

After hours on the chair, this is the end results!

Throughout my entire "life" of blogging, I've never met someone as professional and friendly like Raymond. Kid me not, he takes his profession really seriously and does everything perfectly. (he also looks really young despite his age, trust me!! I'll show you guys a photo next time!)

He took time and effort to personally bleach my roots and ensured that at the end of the day, my hair color was EVEN throughout my head and my hair was still healthy and strong! He even warned me that the hair color wouldn't stay for long and that I could always go for a touch up that week despite his packed schedule! He is definitely THE ONE stylist you must try at least once throughout your lifetime as I'm definitely sure that he'll produce awesome results for you guys! 

Address: The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street, #01-28, Singapore 189646.
To make an appointment, please call +65 6835 9976 | +65 6242 3945.
Visit Black Hair Salon website or follow them on Instagram @blackhairsalon and their Facebook page at for their portfolio and ongoing promotions.

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