Elight Treatment with Donna Beauty

Ever since I came back from Korea, my skin has been reacting rather badly to the weather in Singapore. I've been experiencing regular breakouts due to the weather and also stress from my upcoming examinations.

Thankfully, I've Donna Beauty to help me restoring my skin and keeping it's condition in check!  Though there are still blemishes here and there, I believe that with their help, i'll be able to achieve a clearer complexion soon!

Steps involved with their skin treatment
 - Cleansing and Exfoliation
- Sonic Cleansing to open up the pores 
(medispa concept instead of the usual face steaming)
- Manual Extractions

-Light Acne can effectively clear mild to moderate inflammatory acne and improve overall skin condition.
High intensity light source and radio frequency is utilized to penetrate through the tissue
to destroy acne bacteria and shrinks oil-producing glands.
-Minimize appearance of acne 
-Minimize pigmented acne scarring 
Provides gradual, natural looking improvement

- Chamomile mask 

For more information on Donna Beauty, you can visit http://www.donnabeauty.com.sg/
IMM Outlet: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-30, 
IMM Building 609601 Tel: +65 6563 6880Buona Vista Outlet: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-17, 

The Star Vista, 138617 Tel: +65 6694 4257

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